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Related article: Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 13:49:11 -0700 (PDT) From: Author James Subject: Adventures of a Real Dark Knight 44Disclaimer: This story, though maybe not in this chapter but in subsequent chapters, will have celebrities in it. I have no knowledge of their sexuality and this is not intended to imply their sexuality. This is all from my own mind. Scary!! People actually get a glimpse into my mind!!!Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters created by Joss Whedon. Copyright 20th Century Fox.Batman, and all related characters created by Bob Kane. Copyright DC Comics and Warner Bros.X-MEN, and all related characters created by Stan Lee. Copyright Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox.Star Trek and all related characters created by Gene Roddenberry. Copyright Paramount Studios.I don't know for sure if I will use all the above elements, but just in case, I have myself covered.In this story, which has been floating around in my head most of my life, you will find many universes merging, as the above copyrights reveal. I hope you all enjoy this. I appreciate any feedback that you may want to give. This story doesn't deal so much with sex, sex, sex, but more of my feelings that I struggled with and am starting to come to terms with. Part of his background is mine. I do hope that you enjoy it!!!I have received many emails from people who have enjoyed it and some from those who do not. I would enjoy hearing from you. Any emails you send, please tell me what chapter and story you are commenting on. Thanks.jmsotcyahoo.comI also have several online messenger services. If you want to chat with me in real time, email me and tell me the services you use and I will tell you my screen name.Chapter 44 Back to Routine I awoke in the middle of the night, Lance lying by my side. I looked over at his face, the moonlight lightly caressing his skin. He was worn out by our long trip, as was I, but I felt restless. When I feel like this, there is only one thing to do. I stood up, went to the other bedroom and suited up. It felt good to don the suit again. Being Batman the suit becomes so much part of who you are and what you do. It brings the feeling of familiarity and strength. In no time I was patrolling the rooftops. I wondered if I would run into Batgirl or Robin or Nightwing. I hadn't seen them since I had returned and I wondered if all was well with them. Batgirl had said something was happening. There were more sightings of vampires in the city than she had ever encountered. "Something must be happening for them to come here." Either the growing whatever was happening here and the vampires wanted to be part of it or it was happening elsewhere and the vampires had no desire to be part of it. Either way, Orlando was getting busier and more populated by the undead. I heard a scream and I followed it. It was only a block away in the club district. I hated clubs. I must be weird. Everyone sees the fun of the clubs. I can understand why everyone else can have fun at clubs. But I can't. I see the way many people act in clubs. They seem to have this face, this mask that is only on at certain times. Some get rather lecherous and flirtatious. I am not like anyone else therefore I don't have fun the way everyone else has fun. My kind of fun was what I was doing now, dressed in a mask and cape and pursuing some evil that dared show its face in this city. I landed in the alley near a club and looked around. Nothing of consequence was visible. I moved closer to the front of the alley and saw a man giving a woman a hard time. Not just picking on her but getting rather violent. "Where's my money?" he screamed at her. "You owe me for the last three nights tricks." "I don't have any money. I told you business was slow." "Yeah, right," he replied with little faith behind his words. "If you are going to cheat me out of my money, I can easily take it out in other ways." "No," she whispered. "Please, don't." "You owe me big time. And I plan on collecting." I pulled out one of my metal bats and threw it at him. It hit his arm, the one holding the girl, and caused him to release her. He turned to my direction but couldn't see me. The shadows hid me well. "What the..." he said. He turned and walked towards me, inching closer and closer to the shadows that hid me. When he was within reaching distance I lashed out and grabbed him pulling him into the shadows. It must have appeared to the woman that the shadows swallowed him whole. "What the hell..." he screamed. I dragged him to the back of the alley. Once in the light he looked dead at me, his captor, and I heard the scream drown in his throat. "Don't kill me!" he said. "What are you?! Some kind of demon?!" "I'm no demon except to those who thrive on hurting others. What are you to her?" "I'm her employer." "How do you employ her? Is she your prostitute?" the man became silent. He could tell by the look in my eyes that I knew the answer and that I was not happy with it. "I suggest you leave the woman alone. Or you will have to face me. Understand?" He nodded. I released him and let him go. He ran to the end of the alley and disappeared around the corner. You can't always beat the living daylights out of pimps, no matter how much you want to. Sometimes the best thing to do is to give them a good warning and let them grow from their own mistakes. I shot a line up to the rooftop of the club and ascended. Climbing up on top I went over to the skylight and looked down. Most clubs, it seems, likes to have the skylights, though I have no idea why. They are so dark and use the flashing lights that only add to the shadows. I could probably shine a flashlight down and no one would notice. I looked down at the people dancing and making merry. The patrons were dancing in clusters, with their friends. AT a place like this, there were still cliques. How wrong is that? I'm not saying socialize with everyone. What I am saying is...if you're getting sweaty on the dance floor, why confine yourself to making your friends nauseated by your stench? Share with the rest of the patrons. I chuckled at my little joke. Then I heard a noise behind me. I turned to see three vampires running at me. Lolita Kds Before I could pull out a stake they tackled me. The skylight shattered and we plunged to the dance floor. How wonderful, I thought. I kicked the one on top of me off of me. I punched the one on the left side of me and backhanded the one on the right. They rolled off of me and I flipped to my feet preparing for another assault. "He got up!" one said. "You weren't supposed to let him up." "It's not like we planned on him hitting us!" another one replied. "He shouldn't have even survived the fall." "Not unless he's not human," the third vampire replied. "I am human," I replied. "Just naturally enhanced." I lifted my arms and a fireball formed. "Anyone need a light?" The vampires looked at each other. I threw the ball and the one in the middle was hit. He screamed as he burst into flames, but was silenced when he turned to dust. I reached down and pulled out a wooden stake. One vampire grabbed a teen from behind and held the teen hostage. "You can't get me now, Batman!" the vampire said. "Duck!" I yelled as I threw a wooden stake. The teen ducked as the wooden stake went into Lolita Kds the vampire's throat. He released the boy in pain and grabbed at the wooden stake. I ran and jumped in the air. My foot made contact with the wooden stake and pushed it clean through severing the head off the vampire. He turned to dust as I turned to the remaining vampire. "Why are you here?" I asked. "Why else would I be here? To feed!" He reached for a victim. I hurled a bat and sliced his hand clean off. "Answer my question! Why are you here?" "I told you to feed!" He reached for another victim and his other hand was sliced off. I walked over to him and grabbed him by the shirt collar. I pulled out another wooden stake and held it to his heart. "You are here in this town for a reason! I demand to know the reason!" "You, mere mortal, cannot begin to understand the darkness that exists in this world. You think vampires are the only darkness? You think the other demons are the only thing in this world? There are countless more demons, older demons, stronger demons. You have just seen a glimpse of what we beings of darkness are. We can do anything." "Oh yeah? Clap!" Someone in the crowd thought it was rather humorous. "Let's go outside," I said. I drug him to the middle of the dance floor. We floated up to through the skylight to the room. "Now tell me everything." "No. You will find out soon enough." With that the vampire rammed himself onto the stake and turned to dust. I looked down into the club and watched as his Lolita Kds two severed hands turned to dust as well. I jumped down into the club and a rather cute teenage boy came up to me carrying my stake. "Here's your woody," he said with a grin. What a horrible come on, I thought. "Thanks," was all I said out loud. Replacing it into its spot, I ascended again to the roof. Once up there I took a seat. Floating like that took a lot of out me. It wasn't something I could do every day, no matter how much I wanted to. "Growing darkness," I said out loud. "Batgirl eluded to it before I left. Now the vampires are talking about the darkness that exists in the world being darker than anyone has ever seen before. About older and stronger demons. If there are more in store foe me, I want a vacation, first." I stood up and walked to the edge. An alarm went off down the street. Pulling out my grappling gun, I shot a line and swung down to the street level. Then I ran down the street to the store that went off. As I approached something in purple came flying out of the window. It was Catwoman. "We meet again," I said to her. "And hello to you, too." "What brings you to Orlando? Rob all the places in Los Angeles?" "Not hardly. With Huntress and Mr. Freeze in town, there's not much a girl can do. Besides...with the cute little princes coming here, I just had to make an appearance." "You're not going to rob them!" I demanded. "Oh, I wouldn't dream of it! I just have to keep all you gay men away from them. Those two boys have a reputation to uphold. Can you imagine if it were to be made found out that they were gay?" "You already know they are gay?" "I was in England for a while. I even dated Prince William." "You...dated..." "Yes, the handsome prince. He's a very gentle man. With a cute smile and huge cock." "Catwoman!" I said to her in surprise. "I'm serious! Both long and thick! I'm surprised Lolita Kds he didn't tear me up as big as it was!" "If he's gay, why did he have sex with you?" "Hey, honey. Even I can seduce a gay man. Seriously, though, we dated for a while. Had lots of sex. Evidently I wasn't Lolita Kds doing it for him. And if I can't do it for a guy, he must be gay." "Keep to the facts." "Well, anyway, he told me he was feeling the urge to have sex with men. I told him it was great, pointed him to a few good men I knew and let him go. The next time I saw him he was all a glow. He finally discovered who he was...and he was happy. Of course I was disappointed for me. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy having a cock like that waiting for you every night? But, alas, it wasn't meant to be." "Neither are you stealing that. Put the bag down." "Make me." "Not a problem," I replied pulling out a bat. "I could cut the bag like last time." Slowly I inched closer to her. "Not another move, Batman." "Or what? What will you do?" "This," she replied. Catwoman pulled out a flare gun and shot it into the store. A fire began to burn. "Catch the cat or put out the fire? It's all up to you!" I couldn't allow that man's lively hood to be taken away from him so I ran inside and grabbed the fire extinguisher. I sprayed the fire until it went out. As I climbed out the windows I heard sirens in the distance. It was either the police from the burglar alarm, or it was a fire engine from the fire. Either way this place would be swarming with people, people that should not see me. I shot a line up to the roof and ascended. I disappeared down the block as the sirens arrived at the burning store. Patrolling for a little while, hoping to catch up with Catwoman, nothing more happened. I returned to the house and showered. Lance woke up to the water running and joined me. "Hey," he said. "Hi, sleepy head." "Where have you been?" "I woke up and went patrolling. Couldn't sleep." "Are you sleepy now?" "Sure am," I answered. I took him into my arms and held him as the water cascaded down upon me. I felt the warmth of the water roll down my back and the warmth of his embrace. Laying my head on his shoulder I almost fell asleep. "Oh...my boy has had a busy day. Let's get you to bed." Lance dried us off and we walked into bed. We cuddled for a while in the nude until I drifted off to sleep.To Be Continued... Catwoman had sex with Prince William? Prince William is gay? I don't honestly know that for a fact, but it sure adds dimensions to him for this story, wouldn't you say? More to come!
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